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Description Found in caverns (where the perpetual darkness may account for their pissy mood) it has been shown that Batterflies, when fed at one end, produce useful building materials from the other.
A Batterfly flying in Ilmenskie Caverns

A Batterfly is a free flying in-game insect that can be found in the Ilmenskie Caverns and parts of Nottis. It will 'drop' Guano when fed a certain amount of food.


Interacting with batterflies can be quite tricky. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use the keyboard instead of the mouse.


  • When the batterfly flies above your head, press space bar to jump up;
  • Press enter whilst in mid air when the butterfly is selected (outlined in blue);
  • Then, use the keyboard to go up/down to select an action, or use the keyboard shortcuts which are:
    • "?": Feed
    • "l": Name


  • When fed, a Batterfly will excrete guano. The amount of guano dropped will depend on the quanitity of food fed, for instance:


With the skill Animal Kinship V, you have the ability to name or rename a Batterfly.