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Description A morphously blue butterfly. It can give milk and dole out wisdom. Some skill(s) may be required. Butterflies usually like to be massaged first.

A Butterfly is a free flying in-game insect that can be found in most regions. Unlike piggies, a butterfly does not require feeding.

A butterfly gives milk which can be changed to into Cheese. A Butterfly Milker will allow you to collect milk from butterflies in your home remotely. You need to be skilled in Remote Herdkeeping to use a Butterfly Milker.

Butterfly Eggs hatch to give Caterpillars which grow up into Butterflies.


Interacting (milking, massaging, etc) with a Butterfly is probably one of the most oft-complained task in the game. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use the keyboard instead of the mouse.


  • When the butterfly flies above your head, press space bar to jump up;
  • Press enter whilst in mid air when the butterfly is selected (outlined in blue);
  • Then, use the keyboard to go up/down to select an action, or use the keyboard shortcuts which are:
    • "g": Massage
    • "l": Milk
    • "n": Sing




"You milked a Butterfly. The butterfly responds to your firm yet gentle touch by excreting several drops of its most precious essence. Conveniently, the butterfly also has a vial handy for holding said essence."


  • Singing to a butterfly gives you a mood and XP boost. This however incurs a significant energy cost so care should be taken.


The Glitch butterfly is mostly likely based on the Blue Morpho found in Central and South America. They have wingspans ranging from 3 to 8 inches.