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Description An easily agitated chicken. It can be used to incubate and hatch all kinds of eggs. The Animal Husbandry skill is required to incubate eggs.

A Chicken is a free roaming in-game animal that can be found in the Groddle Meadow, Groddle Heights, Groddle Forest, Ix and Shimla Mirch regions.

     An easily agitated member of the poultry classes. Given to flights of fearful fantasy, high-pitched paranoia and, frankly, short distances, chickens are a reliable source of grain (it's said that they keep it in the hot pockets under their wings).

Chickens have the ability to incubate seasoned eggs.



  • The amount of grain received by each squeeze and the amount of times you can squeeze a Chicken in one game day, go up as you progress through the Animal Kinship line of skills. Max: 10 grain, 5 squeezes, plus potential bonuses from a Super Harvest.


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