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Flying fireflies in an underground street in Shimla Mirch

A Firefly is a small flying insect found in the Shimla Mirch region, underground. Fireflies are like Butterflies, because they randomly float around. Unlike Butterflies, there are no individual actions for Fireflies.

     The perfect alliance of science and nature, the dowdy brown coat of the firefly when landed belies their beauty when in flight: a heart of gold, a tiny buzzy fizzling flying flame. Thought to have washed up on the banks of the mythological River Tam and taken flight eleventy billion eras ago, and never rested or run out of gas since. The firefly's glowing essence can be used to create crystals.

The first time you encounter a Firefly Swarm in Shimla Mirch it will activate the Firefly Whistle (Quest). The quest will have you collect a Firefly Whistle which will enable the whistle menu command for the Firefly Jar to collect Fireflies. Extra or replacement Firefly Jars can be bought at any Alchemical Tools Vendor.

A full jar of 7 Fireflies, combined with 7 Barnacle Talc, can be made into a Plain Crystal, with the use of a Crystalmalizing Chamber.


  • The Blockmaking I Skill introduced 9 March, 2011, allowed glitches to create a variety of blocks used for new Street Projects. Some of the new blocks required a smaller number of fireflies per jar (i.e. 5 per jar) as one of the components needed to create a block.

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