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Location: Fox Brushing Preserves
Role: Source of Fiber

A Fox is an animal which lives in a Fox Brushing Preserve, in the lands of southern Grumbla, east of Mazza'la. Foxes can be brushed with a Fox Brush for Fiber.

     The sly, cunning, quick brown fox has a tail full of fibers perfect for spinning. Shifting position quickly, you can rely on a fox to be fast-paced, slippery and hard to pin down, they care deeply about some things (getting as much bait as they can, giving up as few tail hairs as possible to society) but interact very little with the real world.

In the lands which are home to foxes, approximately every other street is a preserve. The Fox Ranger may sell you a Fox Brush and Fox Bait along with a license, and give you advice on Fox Brushing. Preserve streets can become full, so you may have to wait until someone leaves before you can enter.


Foxes do not appear to be directly clickable. However, several actions may be performed with related items.

Fox Brush

See main article: Fox Brush

A fox brush may be dragged to the fox in order to brush it for Fiber. One may also give or drop the brush, though these options are greyed out inside the Fox Brushing Preserve.

Fox Bait

See main article: Fox Bait

A fox bait may be ignited to lure a fox out from the underbrush. One may also give or drop the bait, though dropping is greyed out inside the Fox Brushing Preserve.

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