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See Start Here for information about the User Interface.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in Glitch.

Where is a map?

In the top right corner of the game window is a mini-map. The exits are marked by sign posts and other players are shown by a small dot. Clicking within the map will cause your Glitch to start moving to the location.

Clicking on the lower portion of the mini-map will open a larger map. You can navigate from Region to Region by clicking on the marked spaces. Hovering over a symbol will tell you what Shrine and/or Vendor are located on the street. Clicking on a Street will set your Destination. When you close the larger map, turn-by-turn directions will be displayed below the mini-map.

12 March 2010 - one of the dev's stated: Almost every street, but not all (this is going to change in the not too distant future: the street spirits will stop selling stuff and vendors will be in or around buildings which are clustered together). Posted by stoot barfield

How do I increase my Mood / Energy?

See Mood and Energy

If your energy falls to 0, you die and go to Hell.

Where do I get salt?

In the world of Glitch, Salt is categorized as a Spice and, as such, can be used by grinding Allspice in a Spice Mill. The Spice Milling skill is required to turn Allspice into a Pinch of Salt.

Some players may find this link useful.

Where do I get grain?

Grain can be obtained in three ways:

Where do I get flour?

Flour is obtained by chopping five Grains with a Knife & Board. The EZ Cooking skill is required to use the Knife & Board and turn grain into flour.

Where do I get a bun?

A Bun is obtained by frying Flour and a Pinch of Salt with a Frying Pan. Cheffery is required to use the Frying Pan. You can also buy buns from Grocery vendors.

Where do I get eggs?

Eggs come from an Egg Plant. You can find Egg Plants growing in underground areas of streets.

Where do I get butter/cheese?

Butter and Cheese are both derivatives of Butterfly Milk. To get butter, shake some butterfly milk. To get cheese, compress that butter. Oh, and Fancy Cheese you get in the Grocery Vendor, doesn't substitute for normal cheese, so no point trying to use that in the ingredients when blending/frying/chopping etc..

Why can't I plant this tree bean in this patch?

In the January 6, 2011 test, "native trees" were introduced, which limits the planting of tree beans to their respective native soils. If you've got your mind set on planting, you can either plant a different bean in that patch or go to a region where your bean will grow. To find out what regions your bean will grow in, go to that bean's page:

How do I teleport?

Teleporting requires multiple steps.

  • First, learn the Teleportation skill.
  • Set a landing point:
    • When you click on your magic rock, you have two options: quest log and teleportation.
    • If you click teleportation, you get two more options: one to actually execute the teleport, the other to set your current location as your landing point. Click the latter
  • Go somewhere, then click on the magic rock's teleportation option and execute the teleport.

Where is Wintry Place?

See the directions on the wiki page: Wintry Place.

How do I repair a Tinkertool to 100%?

See Tinker With Your Tool(s).

How do I get more room in my Inventory?

Each Inventory slot can hold one item. Some items stack, some do not. Each slot can contain a Bag creating up to 256 slots.

Why are some animals named / when can I name animals?

The skill Animal Kinship V gives you the ability to name animals.

Where / How do I get papers?

Bureaucratic Arts I gives you the ability to obtain papers. You must visit the Bureaucratic Hall in Gregarious Grange and speak with the lizards.

Some players may find this link useful.(Thanks, Dave!)