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The Game Window is the playing screen of Glitch. Reference: Game Screen at wayback

Annotated View

Game Screen.png

  1. Player name, mood percentage bar (covered by Glitch's face when meter not interacted with)
  2. energy tank
  3. iMG bubble menu and Imagination on hand
  4. world map and current location
  5. mini-map with street signs and player locations
  6. flagged destination and calculated route
  7. opened chat windows
  8. file a bug report, help window, volume controls
  9. local time
  10. close chat window
  11. group chats and other unopened chat windows
  12. other player name
  13. expand names of chat windows
  14. local chat and recent activity
  15. type to chat locally or input a command (/house, /leave, et cetera)
  16. add a friend, find a group
  17. active inventory or furniture tab
  18. quick summary of action
  19. your Glitch
  20. switch between inventory or furniture tab
  21. currants held
  22. type to search inventory
  23. item harvested and amount

May 2011 (Pre-Unlaunch) Screen

Game Screen Annotated.png

  1. Metabolic levels, XP and Level
  2. Magic Rock
  3. a. Bug Report b. Help window in-game c. Volume controls (separate for sounds and music)
  4. Current game date and time - click to see energy meditation limit and quoins limit
  5. Notifications of actions, also show in Local Chat
  6. Open chat windows (including IM)
  7. Live Help, Global Chat, and Updates from your friends
  8. Group chats
  9. Click to expand friend, chat and group names.
  10. Text box to chat in group/IM/global chat.
  11. Objects in close proximity have a blue halo around, them signalling actions available when clicked
  12. Your avatar
  13. Local Chat, activity (notifications) and number of players on street
  14. GOD notification
  15. Amount of currants
  16. Inventory
  17. Client flash memory levels and statistics, to show, hold Q and press P.
  18. Keyring, used to give and receive house keys
  19. Copy the chat to your clipboard

Not shown: Map, in top right corner of game window, to the left of '6'.