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Who should get a wiki account

This wiki is publicly readable, so the only thing you need an account for is to edit the pages. However, we have found that edits made by people who have never played the game are often factually incorrect. Thus, please only sign up if you have played Glitch or been involved with one of its revival projects. (Those in include Children of Ur and Eleven and possibly others.) If you loved playing Glitch, thinking about strategy, and helping other Glitchzens, you're welcome to join us!

How to get a wiki account

Here's what to do:

  • First, create an account by clicking on this red link: Signup. We request that you select a username that matches your Glitch username, if available. Names with spaces are okay.
  • Next, create a user page by following the instructions on Help:UserProfile, so you can add a link to your Glitch user profile.

Once you've joined

  • If you're new to wiki editing, you may want to quickly skim the Help page.
  • Keep an eye on what everyone else is doing by looking at the Recent Changes page every time you sign in.
  • In particular, pages under active debate can be monitored by searching the above page for Namespace: Talk, e.g. [1]
  • To discuss issues of organization, see the conversation we're having on the Communications page.