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Glitchen are the people of Ur, the active characters in Glitch. "A glitch" is a character in the game Glitch. While the game text usually refers to them as "glitches," the players came up with the term "glitchen" as the plural, and sometimes as an adjective.

A screen-grab of the use of the term glitches by GOD at the conclusion of an alpha test-session "nekkid party" on 11 February, 2011

The demonym "Glitches" was often the de facto standard of what the inhabitants in the world of Glitch were referred to as, and was a term used in-house by the developers of the game [1]. It was also the term frequently used by GOD in-game during global message broadcasts — usually preceded by the adjective tiny, e.g., " tiny Glitches." The next most popular name during alpha testing seems to have been Glitchizens.

As there seems to be no de jure standard for plurally describing the avatars within Glitch, those that have been debated are:

  • Glitches
  • Glitchicons
  • Glitchizens
  • Glitchren
  • Glitchen
  • Glitchers
  • Glitcheranians
  • Glitchudlians
  • Glitchitants
  • Glitchiputians

During Alpha testing, many testers went through "Glitchdrawal" when the game was not online.

This wiki uses Glitchen to refer to them, as "glitches" is too easily confused with "digital mistakes" in other video games.

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