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Imagination, iMG, or i, are points gained by actions like watering, petting and harvesting trees, interacting with animals, earning achievements, completing quests, collecting quoins or Qurazy Quoins, playing musicblocks, contemplating emblems or reflecting on icons. The amount of points gained depends on the current mood level. Imagination is spent to upgrade Glitchen using Upgrade Cards, upgrading your house or home street, and adding features to your yard. The current imagination available is shown in the upper left corner next to the iMG bubble. Once the amount of total imagination collected reaches a certain amount, level increases by one.

Imagination replaced XP on May 2, 2012, and levels were compressed, with players who were previously at level 60 moving down to level 42. More imagination is needed to increase a level than was needed in the previous leveling system, and the current 'max' for imagination, level 60, requires earning more than four times the lifetime iMG/XP than was needed in the previous system.