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In-game description of Mood metabolic

In Glitch, Mood, one of the four character Metabolics, is a measure of your happiness (designated by the color-changing smiley face in the top left hand corner of the game screen). Many tasks, such as petting trees, will cost energy but increase your mood. If you drop below a certain level of mood, you will gain less xp for actions with an xp reward. You will also burn more energy when doing tasks.

Mood is replenished completely at the beginning of each game-day, and can be replenished incrementally by consuming drinks, contemplating emblems, or through meditation.


  • Butterfly Milk is a great mood booster - when drunk, it rewards 6 mood per bottle and has a stack size of 50, meaning 300 mood per inventory slot. Sniffing is even more effective, and doesn't consume any Butterfly Milk in the process, but it only works when mood is dangerously low.