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An example of a Musicblock. This one is an XS-1.

Musicblocks have been described by Tiny Speck as "collectible game items" [1]. It plays a short sound track when you play one. You cannot make or buy Musicblocks from any vendors, they are randomly awarded with certain actions such as donating to Shrines, squeezing chickens, petting trees or spinning a Spinning Wheel. Many players sell them on the auctions or to vendors. They are also popular items for donating to Shrines because they give good favour rewards.

If you collect all the Musicblocks in a set, you will get a Trophy, plus rewards of iMG, energy, and currants.

Alphabetical list of all Musicblocks

List of Musicblock Trophies



  • If you play a Musicblock, you gain iMG and mood rewards.

Play For

  • You can also play a Musicblock for other players on your current street.


  • Drops this item on the ground.


  • Allows you to give this item to another player that is on your current street.


  • You can play each Musicblock at least once a day.
  • Play a single Musicblock too much and it gets 'stale' - each time you play that block from then, you lose a little energy/mood.
  • The SB-1 Musicblock is the rarest Musicblock, given only by devs to favourited players.