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Description One fat piggy, thickly covered in succulent meats. It may share its meats with you, though special skill(s) may be required to obtain them.

A Piggy is a free roaming in-game animal that can be found in the Groddle Meadow, Groddle Heights, Groddle Forest, Ix and Shimla Mirch regions.

Piggies grow from Piggy Eggs via Chicken incubation, into a Piglet. By feeding the Piglet grain or vegetables, it will grow into a full sized Piggy.



  • Nibbling a Piggy rewards you Meat. To nibble one, you have to pet it first. Piggies like to be nibbled. As gratitude, they will give you some of their meat. The amount of meat received by each nibble and the amount of times you can nibble a Piggy in one game day, go up as you progress through the Animal Kinship line of skills. Max: 16 meat, 2 Nibbles per game day. However, don't nibble too many Piggies in one particular area otherwise others will start to refuse giving meat.




  • With the help of Pig Bait, you can capture a Piggy, which gets bound, gagged and put in your inventory (as a Hog-tied Piggy). You will not be able to capture another Piggy for 10 minutes. Capturing a Piggy uses 1 Pig Bait. Sometimes, Piggies do not want to be captured.


Fecundity Powders

By sprinkling either a Powder of Mild Fecundity or a Powder of Startling Fecundity, you can cause the Piggy to release meat spontaneously, dropping it on the ground. If you have the skill Herdkeeping, you can use these powders to build a Pork Fountain in your backyard, harvesting meat in bulk.

At Home

Meat can be collected by having a Meat Collector in the garden of your home. Piggies will have to be fed manually or with a Piggy Feeder in order to keep them alive and for the meat collector to work.


If you do not feed a Piggy at home, it will die (and will leave a pile of x10 meat). Piggies can be fed manually or with a Piggy Feeder.