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A powder is an item created from two or more compounds using a Beaker. Creating powders requires the Intermediate Admixing skill.

When sprinkled, a powder will have an effect on either you, people around you, objects around you and/or action rewards, depending on the powder. The powder will grant a buff or de-buff for a limited time, which can range from seconds to minutes.

See also: Category:Powder

List of Powders

Powder Ingredient Compounds
Extremely Hallowed Shrine Powder icon.png Extremely Hallowed Shrine Powder

175x Zillene489.png Zillene
160x Humbabol487.png Humbabol
40x Groddlene478.png Groddlene

Fairly Hallowed Shrine Powder icon.png Fairly Hallowed Shrine Powder

65x Zillene489.png Zillene
55x Humbabol487.png Humbabol
20x Mabon492.png Mabon

Fertilidust icon.png Fertilidust

40x Humbabol487.png Humbabol
20x Potoxin482.png Potoxin
10x Cosmox488.png Cosmox

Fertilidust Lite icon.png Fertilidust Lite

15x Humbabol487.png Humbabol
10x Potoxin482.png Potoxin

Juju Shoo-Shoo Powder icon.png Juju Shoo-Shoo Powder  ???
No-No Powder icon.png No-No Powder

4x Lemene490.png Lemene
11x Cosmox488.png Cosmox

Powder of Mild Fecundity icon.png Powder of Mild Fecundity

40x Alphose483.png Alphose
45x Rubemycin484.png Rubemycin

Powder of Startling Fecundity icon.png Powder of Startling Fecundity

60x Grendalinunin491.png Grendalinunin
75x Rubemycin484.png Rubemycin
50x Cosmox488.png Cosmox

Sneezing Powder icon.png Sneezing Powder

20x Ixite485.png Ixite
65x Tiite486.png Tiite

Sparkle Powder icon.png Sparkle Powder

30x Abbasidose480.png Abbasidose
30x Spriggase481.png Spriggase

External links

  • The Grind-O-Tron (by agent86) is a useful tool to determine what resources you need for the Powders you're making.
  • Visit the article on Unofficial API Tools for more useful tools, developed by players.