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Skills enable players to gain new abilities, unlock quests and recipes, and increase efficacy and amount of IMG given for performing skill-related tasks. Lower-level skills within the same branch of the skill tree are prerequisites for higher-level skills, and some skills from other branches may be required to learn a skill. An achievement, such as spending an emblem, or an Upgrade Card may also be a prerequisite to learn a skill. There were a total of 103 possible skills to be learned as of 08/28/12.

Learning Times

The Learning Times for skills are influenced by the number of skills a player has already learned (or started learning) and their Brain Capacity. Each skill has a base learning time, which is increased based on the number of skills over a player's brain capacity.

In the final days of Glitch, skill learning costs were slashed dramatically - skills that had formerly needed days to learn were picked up in hours or minutes, so that most players had a chance to complete their skill trees before the game was over.

Skill Trees

  • Alchemy