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Description Sloths are true rockers - they love metal! This one is just waiting to be fed.

Sloths are animals who live in the Andra, Folivoria, Kajuu, and Tahli regions of Grumbla. A recent sighting was made in the Pachi Preach and Manggai Mile streets of Andra. They live in trees with Knockers on them, and they will only answer for a glitch with the Animal Kinship III skill who is carrying at least one Metal Rod. Sloths munch on rods and spit out Snails; they also spit snails at traveling glitchen who have the right Upgrade Card. If a sloth is not fed for some time, it will retreat back into its tree, and won't come out again for three minutes. A sloth becomes full after 8 metal rods.

     Slow-moving, metal-loving, laid-back, rod-eating and snail-spitting the Sloth is not, contrary to popular opinion, lovable and lazy. The sloth is merely conserving energy. What for? The sloth will not say. Fear the sloth.

What They Say

Sloths will talk when you feed or ignore them, or if they don't want to be bothered.


  • Is that a metal rod in your pocket, brah?
  • I'm way into metal!
  • Oh yeah! I love metal!
  • I don't care what you say. Metal is forever!
  • Mmm, nothing beats Metal Rods in the morning! Or evening!
  • That was SO METAL! Thanks for the Rods, brah.
  • Woah, that was almost too much Rod for me to handle! Metal Mania!
  • I'm busy, you fool! (if you click on him whilst he's eating)
  • Yawn... See ya!
  • Sod off, I'm full!
  • I just ate and don't want to move. Maybe later.
  • Ugh, I was just down there. Maybe later.


Sloth tree with knocker

Sloths can be found on the following streets:

Andra region:

Kajuu region:

Folivoria region:

Tahli region: