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Tiny Speck is the company that is building Glitch, founded by Stewart Butterfield and three other original Flickr team members in early 2009. They have two offices, with roughly the same amount of people working in each one. The coding staff work in their San Francisco office, and the creative department is in the Vancouver office.

They received angel funding of $1.5 million to start up in 2009, then acquired funding of a further $5 million in 2010 from Accel Partners and Andreessen Horowitz.

The Team

In-Game Avatar Real Life Name Position at Tiny Speck Primarily Based Out Of? Twitter Account
stoot barfield Stewart Butterfield Co-founder, President Vancouver, BC, Canada @stewart
eric Eric Costello Co-founder, Client Lead New York, NY, USA @ericost
Serguei Serguei Mourachov Co-founder, Server Lead Vancouver, BC, Canada @smourachov
Bees Cal Henderson Co-founder, VP Engineering San Francisco, CA, USA @iamcal
Myles! Myles Grant Game Engineer San Francisco, CA, USA @Myles
mebooyou Paul Lloyd Server Engineer San Francisco, CA, USA @laloyd
Mr. Burka Daniel Burka Design and UI Consultant San Francisco, CA, USA @dburka
Mart Lume Mart Lume Producer Vancouver, BC, Canada @martlume
Beefcake Pat Putnam QA San Francisco, CA, USA @putnamp
Endoplasmic Scott Ysebert Client Engineer Vancouver, BC, Canada @endoplasmic
gyoza Fernando Medrano Level Designer Vancouver, BC, Canada @glasshousegames
flashpirate Jono Spiro Client Engineer San Francisco, CA, USA @jspiro
jdawg Justin Prostebby Community Support Vancouver, BC, Canada unavailable
Steven Steven Lee Business Operations Vancouver, BC, Canada unavailable
Kukubee Brent Koby Illustrator Vancouver, BC, Canada @kukubee
Murphy Slaw Kevin Murphy Technical Operations San Francisco, CA, USA unavailable
kevbob Kevin Collins Community Support San Francisco, CA, USA @voxkev
rayn Ryan Pelcz Level Builder Vancouver, BC, Canada unavailable
Bender Mark Ingram Lead Animator Vancouver, BC, Canada unavailable
hitherto Simon Batistoni Game Engineer San Francisco, CA, USA unavailable

There are also many Contributors who help design the World of Glitch.

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