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Giants are the eleven beings who imagined the world of Glitch. Through completing quests, donating to their shrines, or finding the right kind of quoins, players earn favor points, which can be redeemed for faster learning or an emblem. Each giant has an area of interest/influence; favor is earned by completing quests that relate to that giant's field.

The giants are introduced to a player the first time they donate to a shrine; that giant will appear on screen, and the a quest to donate to all of them will be activated. The giants' appearance is always overwhelming - a gong sounds, and the giant covers the screen.

List of Giants

  • Alph - Giant of Creation
  • Cosma - Giant of Sky & Meditation
  • Friendly - Giant of Night & Social Life
  • Grendaline - Giant of Water
  • Humbaba - Giant of Walking Creatures
  • Lem - Giant of Exploration
  • Mab - Giant of Harvesting
  • Pot - Giant of Prosperity
  • Spriggan - Giant of Trees
  • Tii - Giant of Odd & Even Numbers
  • Zille - Giant of Mountains

Although they are listed here in alphabetical order, they are in a different order on the encyclopedia site, and listed in a different order in the Glitch Alpha Trailer video.

Encyclopedia order: Humbaba, Lem, Friendly, Spriggan, Cosma, Mab, Tii, Grendaline, Zille, Alph, Pot
Trailer order: Humbaba, Friendly, Alph, Tii, Zille, Lem, Grendaline, Spriggan, Cosma, Pot, Mab

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