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A Quest is a task instructed to the player via a dialogue from the Magic Rock.

Once the task has been completed, the rock will reward you with XP, energy, mood, currants, or favor.

Some quests teleport you to a special street, such as Rainbow Run and The Amazing Race. Others must be completed in a certain amount of time or require the help of friends, such as the Peter out Peat quest.

Quests from learning Skills

Most Quests are assigned after the player finishes learning a new Skill. For more detailed information on the Quests, visit the Quest page.

Skill Quest Description
Alchemy I Test Tube Basics Make 1 Groddlene and 1 Spriggase.
Alchemy II Rub Eleven Out Make 11 Tin Ingots, 11 Copper Ingots and 11 Molybdenum Ingots.
Animal Husbandry Three Eggs, One Basket Make 1 Piggy Egg, 1 Chicken Egg and 1 Butterfly Egg.
Animal Kinship I Porcine Pleaser Pet 6 Piggies.
Animal Kinship II Happy Endings For All! Massage 7 Butterflies.
Animal Kinship III Get a Rasher Nibble 13 Piggies.
Animal Kinship IV Go Moloko Loco, Butterfly Style Milk 13 Butterflies.
Animal Kinship V Doin' the Ol' MacDonald Name 1 Piggy and 1 Butterfly.
Animal Kinship VI Chicken Music Block Combo Obtain 1 Musicblock from squeezing a Chicken.
Animal Kinship VII Nibble, Milk and Squeeze TO THE MAX Get a Super Harvest from 1 Piggy, 1 Butterfly and 1 Chicken.
Blending I Juice Medley Melee Make 1 Fruity Juice, 1 Lemon Juice and 1 Orange Juice.
Blending II Get into a Froth Make 1 Too-Berry Shake, 1 Earthshaker and 1 Bubble Tea.
Blockmaking I Block Party Make 3 Urth Blocks.
Bog Specialization Peter out Peat Harvest a full Peat Bog in less than 9 seconds.
Botany Advanced Bean Fancification Make 2 different kinds of Seasoned Beans.
Bubble Tuning Bubble Transmogrification Make 7 Tiny Bubbles and 7 Blue Bubbles.
Bureaucratic Arts I n/a
Bureaucratic Arts II n/a
Bureaucratic Arts III  ??
Cheffery I Eggs 'n' Basics Make 1 Fried Eggs, 1 Basic Omelet and 1 Bun.
Cheffery II Eggy McWeggies Make 7 Mexicali Eggs, 11 Green Eggs and 15 Eggy Scrambles.
Cheffery III Down Home Cookin' Make 7 Bubble and Squeaks and 11 Corny Fritters.
Cocktail Crafting I Shake and Stir Make and drink 5 Creamy Martinis.
Cocktail Crafting II Bartending with Yourself... Oh Oh Oh, Bartending with Yourself Make and drink 1 Cloudberry Daiquiri and 1 Cosma-politan.
Croppery I A Beltful of Onions Plant and harvest 50 Onions.
Croppery II Tater Pimp Grow 50 Potatoes and 50 Tomatoes, then sell them at an Auction.
Croppery III Crops a-Planty Plant and harvest at least one of all the 13 Crops.
Crystallography I n/a
Distilling I One For My Baby - and 23 More for the Road Make 24 Hooches and sell/trade/give them to other players.
EZ Cooking I Lay-zee Choppin' Make 1 Flour, 1 Lazy Salad and 1 Cheese Plate.
EZ Cooking II Sleepytime Feast Make 1 Juicy Carpaccio, 1 Common Crudites and 1 Cold Taco.
Element Handling Get Elemental! Buy 1 Elemental Pouch.
Engineering I Machine Shop Pit Stop
Eyeballery I Vision Quest Help a myopic Frog see what's on the other side of the room.
Focused Meditation Focus Pocus Focus your meditation and gain 24 energy or mood points in one go.
Fruit Changing Yes, You Have No Bananas Make 5 Oranges, 5 Apples and 5 Strawberries.
Fuelmaking I We're Off to See the Lizard Make and deliver a Fuel Cell to a broken Maintenance Bot.
Gardening I Bring in the sheaves Harvest 1 Fruit Tree, 1 Bubble Tree, and 1 Spice Plant.
Gardening II One, Two, Tree, Four, Six, Eight Harvest each of the 8 different kinds of Trees, all in one Game Day.
Gardening III Last Egg Standing Harvest the last Egg from an Egg Plant.
Gardening IV Bean There, Done That Plant 3 Seasoned Beans and grow them past the Seedling phase.
Gardening V Super Secret Happy Bonus Tree Harvest Get a Super Harvest from 7 different kinds of Trees (the Paper Tree is not included).
Gasmogrification Get the Vapours Make 3 Heavy Gas, 3 Helium and 3 Crying Gas.
Grilling I The Grill of Victory Make 1 Simple BBQ and 3 Grilled Cheese.
Grilling II Lemburgers for Lem Make 3 Lemburgers and donate them to Lem.
Herbalism I Shucks To Be You Shuck Herbs for 6 Seeds, the plant & harvest.
Herbalism II Herbal Hat-Trickery Get 3 Super Harvests from Herbs.
Herdkeeping Hogtie Some Hoggies Capture 3 Piggies off a public street.
Intermediate Admixing Begin with The Beaker & Master the Beaker First, make 1 Fertilidust Lite. Then, make 1 Fairly Hallowed Shrine Powder and 1 Powder of Mild Fecundity.
Jellisac Hands I A Slatheration of Jellisacs Get a Super Harvest from scooping Jellisac, then take them to a Shrine to Grendaline.
Levitation n/a
Light Green Thumb I Give Some H2O Love Water 5 Trees.
Light Green Thumb II Be A Tree-Pleaser Improve the health of 7 Trees visibly.
Light Green Thumb III Water Water Everywhere Use a Watering Can or Irrigator 9000 until it breaks.
Martial Imagination n/a
Master Chef I A Reasonable Dinner Make 1 Meat Gumbo, 1 Tasty Pasta and 1 Pickle.
Master Chef II n/a
Meditative Arts I Tooling Around & Blue Ocean Buy a Focusing Orb & meditate for a cumulative total of 1 minute.
Meditative Arts II Cold Comfort Meditate for a cumulative total of 1 minute in Wintry Place - without leaving.
Meditative Arts III Relax to the Max Receive 50 mood in 1 meditation.
Mining I Dullite, Beryl and Sparkly Get 17 Chunks of Dullite, 13 Chunks of Beryl and 11 Chunks of Sparkly from mining.
Mining II Giv'r 'till you Shiver Mine 15 times in 5 (real) minutes.
Mining III Another Day Older and Deeper In Debt Fully mine 5 Rocks in 1 Game Day.
Mining IV Hard Rock Miner Use a Fancy Pick until it breaks.
Penpersonship I n/a
Piety I n/a
Potionmaking I Potion Detector Make 5 Potions.
Potionmaking II Epicly Perilous Potian Trial of Perilousness Make 7 different Potions in 1 Game Day.
Potionmaking III  ??
Refining I Perfectly Refined Obtain 50 Red, 50 Green, 50 Blue and 50 Shiny Elements.
Refining II The Daily Grind Crush 200 Chunks of Ore in 2 minutes.
Remote Herdkeeping Got Milk? Install a Butterfly Milker and a Meat Collector in your back yard and let them fill up.
Saucery I Sauce Trifecta Make 1 Mild Sauce, 1 Cheezy Sauce and 1 Sweet 'n' Sour Sauce.
Saucery II Get Sauced Make 1 Tangy Sauce, 1 Wicked Bolognese Sauce and 1 Creamy Catsup.
Smelting I Helter Smelter Make 20 Plain Metal Ingots in one go.
Soil Appreciation I Can You Dig It? Dig 7 Lumps of Earth from Patches or Dirt Piles.
Soil Appreciation II It Takes Two Dig a Dirt Pile three times, together with another player.
Soil Appreciation III Many Shovels Make Something-Something Loam Obtain 11 Lumps of Loam from Dirt Piles or Patches in 30 minutes.
Soil Appreciation IV The Unbearable Lightness of Bean Plant at least 1 Seasoned Bean in 3 different Regions.
Soil Appreciation V Seed to Scythe Plant 5 Seasoned Bean your back yard and raise them to fully grown Trees.
Spice Milling Spice is the Variety of Life Make 2 Ginger, 2 Curry, 2 Mustard and 2 Black Pepper.
Teleportation I Beam You Up & To Xalanga, And Beyond Use a landing point to teleport from one region to another.
Teleportation II Fear of Flying Teleport 5 times in 30 minutes.
Teleportation III Three's a Cloud Teleport with 3 or more other players following you.
Teleportation IV Ilmenskie Jones and the Sealed Cavern  ??
Teleportation V The World Through Ur Eyes Make 3 Teleportation Scripts and give them to 3 different players.
Tincturing I Tincture Tailor Make all 7 Tinctures.
Tinkering I Tinker Well Spend 15 seconds repairing a broken Tool.
Tinkering II Third Time Really Is the Charm Repair 3 different Tools back to 100% capacity.
Tinkering III Tinker With Your Tool(s) Repair a Tinkertool back to 100% capacity.
Tinkering IV Gettin' Crafty Make 1 Frying Pan, 1 Hatchet and 1 Watering Can.
Tinkering V Magnanimous Maker Make 1 Cocktail Shaker and 1 Awesome Pot and donate them to Friendly and Pot, respectively.
Transcendental Radiation Sharing the Oneness Radiate mood and energy at 6 other players at the same time.

Other Quests

Quest Description Trigger
A Kindly Act of Randomness Give something to 5 players who are at Level 3, 4 or 5. An early Quest.
Baqalic Caesura Collect 3 Glitchian ancestral remnants from the traps in the Ancestral Lands. Given when you first enter the Ancestral Lands.
Brain Freezer Buy all 5 different Sno Cones at the Sno Cone Vendor. Given when the player reaches Level 10.
Firefly Whistle Obtain 1 Firefly Whistle in the Fireflex 3000 Lab. Given when the player first encounters a Firefly Swarm.
I Me Mine Help 3 people to mine Rocks.  ??
It's Educational Enter the Jethimadh Tower via Tower St West and talk to Greeterbot Sentry G-42.  ??
Loyalty's Rich Reward Make 1 Icon.  ??
Notice the Unnoticeable Find 7 Half-forgotten Glitches. Given after the player has visited 300 locations.
Spread the Garlic Love Eat Garlic for Garlic Breath and kiss 5 different players. An early Quest.
Start Learning Your First Skill Start learning your first Skill. The first Quest after leaving the Tutorial.
The Great Guzzler Challenge Drink 12 Beers. An early Quest.
The Numismatic Hustle Go to Rainbow Run and collect 30 quoins in less than 30 seconds.  ??

Tutorial Quests

These quests were used to teach basic aspects of gameplay.

Quest Description Trigger
A Little Tutorial Reinforcement Pet 1 Pig, water 1 Tree and mark a destination on the Map, and go to it. Given several minutes after leaving the Tutorial.
Enlarge Yer Slots Buy a Generic Bag or a Bigger Bag. An early Quest.
Go Jump in a Hole Jump into The Great Hole to Ix (or climb up the ladder and out of the Great Hole). An early Quest.
The High Jumper Use Spinach to reach the top of the tree in your Magic Rock's memory-place. An early Quest.
Play By Mail Use a Mailbox to send a package to a friend. Given when the player encounters their first Mailbox.

Legacy Quests

These quests were no longer part of Glitch by the time it closed.

Quest Description Trigger Replacement
De-Embiggenify Find the Small shiny object with no intrinsic value in Eesti Life Catalog Page 17. Given when the player reaches Level 2.
Four Letter Words Help a block spell some four letter words. Given when the player reaches Level 7.
Prove Your Rook-Fighting Mettle Navigate the Rook's Woods and smash the Rook egg. Given when the player reaches Level 7.
Spreading the Love Gain 23 favor points with 5 Giants from donating at their Shrine Learn Better Learning I Upgrade Card
Under the Wire Speed up learning by spending 997 favor points with the primary Giant of the Skill you are learning (in one go). Learn Better Learning III Upgrade Card
This favor goes up to 11. Or 1511 Speed up learning by spending 1511 favor points in one go. Learn Better Learning V Upgrade Card
The Gold Hatted Bouncing High Jumping Memory Place Use Spinach to reach the top of the tree in your Magic Rock's memory-place. Early quest The High Jumper
Word Up Get small and help Mr. Block spell as many 3 letter words as possible in 3 minutes. Given after finishing Four Letter Words and reaching Level 11.
 ??  ?? Learn Unlearning I Upgrade card
 ??  ?? Learn Unlearning II Upgrade Card
 ??  ?? Learn Unlearning III Upgrade Card